22 Aug 2018 22:57:21
Bet the hearts fans are raging £485k for laffing boy sold out to a low bid.

1.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 15:50:42
Sow possibly coming home and or big Vanecek in Maroon. I think we've done alright wee man. A smashing window for us, Laff was always leaving when the rangers were sniffing. He gave us some great goals but I think will be replacing with better quality and made a few bob. Happy days.

2.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 22:12:21
Vanacek will be a good signing wouldn't touch sow he's called sick note at his team to injury prone I would have gone for double lagffingboy and Naismith together although Naismith a bit better than last season when he kept disappearing, new players are going to be a hit or a miss as usual your manager goes for quantity over quality he needs to go.

3.) 24 Aug 2018
24 Aug 2018 13:03:00
Hahahaha. That’s hilarious. King Craig has recruited well and most signings look to be a great addition. We looked to the bench with despair last season. Now we have depth and better quality. If you think Levein should go then that makes me happy wee man. I love your constant enthusiasm and interest for the Hearts though.

4.) 24 Aug 2018
24 Aug 2018 16:31:59
U talking about Lennon again needing to go Adam bogdan worst keeper ever top of the league says it all quality and quantity 😜😜😄😄.

5.) 28 Aug 2018
28 Aug 2018 16:57:56
690k it was but good try Hibsboy.

6.) 30 Aug 2018
30 Aug 2018 23:26:08
Was no where near £690 and Levien hasn't bought wisely he's bough players that no one else wanted,5 out of the 13 are descent signings.

7.) 31 Aug 2018
31 Aug 2018 00:49:50
There is a saying hibsboy. Green with envy suits your mob down 2 the ground. Nevermind you might get scott allan back if you shake the beging bowl hard enough.