20 Sep 2015 16:14:12
So Hearts don't need a goalkeeper just seen again how BAD Alexander is, the rest were little better 2 shots on target, we are going to have a long hard season playing like that, no fire power no fight no control no idea, we should have kept the 8 players we let go that won us the championship, paid my money so can say what I think you know who you are!

1.) 20 Sep 2015
20 Sep 2015 17:05:50
Spot on Gogs,recruitment of woefull foreigners on long contracts and shambolic formations in games.

2.) 20 Sep 2015
20 Sep 2015 18:05:17
Cheers Thomaso you also know the score what a pathetic peformance

3.) 20 Sep 2015
20 Sep 2015 20:27:33
Haha. I'm not Alexander's biggest fan either, but he still saved us yet again from another drubbing. He has his weaknesses yes, but he's still a decent goalkeeper. Reilly should never have been Signed in place of Keatings. He looked like a wee school boy today. Prince was/is awful. Good to see Pallardo back albeit a bit lacklustre but we'll get there. Good to see sow up top again, wasted out on the wing and can actually link play. Anything else Gogs?!

4.) 21 Sep 2015
21 Sep 2015 01:11:11
The Codheids look well coached They passed and moved at pace and retained the ball well, in comparison to ourselves.
Our corners,free kicks and crossing aren't improving any. Is any of this worked on in our fabled triple training sessions or do we just run about more than the other teams during the week?